Laughing My Way through the MTC

It’s interesting to see how Heavenly Father answers my prayers.
Like, He really has a sense of humor. For sure.
So I was born with my great-grandma Jensen’s tear ducts. Translation: I cry…a lot. I swear it’s genetic, all the girls on the Lasson side of the family have them. When we get together it’s like a tear-fest. Seriously. Occasions when it’s common to find me crying: when I’m happy, when I’m sad, when I think too much, when I’m stressed, when I feel the Spirit, etc. It’s something I’ve been working on controlling for a really long time. I was so worried that on my mission I wouldn’t even be able to handle it because of all the strong emotions at them MTC and my tendency to lose control of my tear ducts at any sign of emotion.
I was reading one sister missionary blog the week before I reported to the MTC, and I noticed one thing: this girl finds humor in everything! Street contact turns her down? So funny. Companion doesn’t laugh ever? Even funnier. It’s frigid cold where she’s serving so she slips and falls on ice every day? HILARIOUS. She laughs at herself and at the situations she’s in, and her blog is so fun to read because it seems like she’s just having the time of her life serving the Lord out in the mission field.
So, that was my goal for my mission:
instead of crying when I’m sad or frustrated or stressed,
I’m going to find the humor in the situation and laugh.
I guess Heavenly Father liked that goal.
I literally don’t think I have ever laughed more in my life! Awkward silence in a lesson because I can’t remember how to say something in Spanish? I laugh. Get called to say the closing prayer (IN SPANISH) in my 2nd sacrament meeting here? I laugh. Unproductive companionship study? Probably because we’re laughing. It’s awesome!
There was one night when I hit my breaking point because I kept feeling like our lesson was going the wrong way. Tension and emotions were high, and we were all so tired and I wanted to cry. It was weighing on my mind so much at bedtime when we were all talking about the most random things. One of my roommates made the tiniest comment and we all laughed! Only I kept laughing. For a solid 15 minutes. By myself. While my roomies stared at me incredulously. Which made me laugh more! But when I finally stopped, I wasn’t worried about my lesson the next day anymore. I got to sleep fine, and we figured out where we were going wrong the next day and had one of our best lessons yet.
I honestly think this is my Heavenly Father answering my prayers and helping me with this goal. Marjorie Pay Hinckley said, “The only way to get through life is to laugh your way through it. You either have to laugh or cry. I prefer to laugh. Crying gives me a headache.” How inspired is she?
I could cry about the stresses that come with being a missionary (and there are many) or I could laugh about them. I’ll probably laugh about them later so why not laugh now. Plus you get an ab workout. Plus you’ll live longer. (Marjorie died at 92. Just saying.) Plus you’ll be happier. Plus you skip the headache. There are no downsides.
So try it.
When you feel overwhelmed with anxiety and doubt,
when you’re ready to give up, when you’re offended or sad, just laugh.
It works, I promise.
Learning su proposito in espanol!

Learning su proposito in espanol!

IMG_0148 - Version 2

Some missionaries from my zone on our temple walk.

Some missionaries from my zone on our temple walk.


One thought on “Laughing My Way through the MTC

  1. Smile! If you can’t lift the corners, then let the middle sag!
    We’re happy you are doing well and keeping a positive attitude!

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