With All Your Heart

In our devotional we had on Tuesday, Elder Whiting’s wife (Jeri Whiting) talked about giving missionary work our all. She said, “There will be other days to sleep in, other times to talk with family, other times to listen to music, other times to study at school. But for these next 2 years or 18 months, you’ve promised yourself to the Lord. You might as well make the most of that time. Consecrate yourselves to missionary work. Whatever you do, do it with your whole heart.”
That hit me so hard. Yes…friends, family, music, sleep, Netflix, and college are difficult to give up. But it’s possible. And what’s more, it’s possible to do it with a smile. Elder Whiting also mentioned the difficulty of giving up the comforts of home. He suggested that we must give up these things so that we can learn to turn to the true comforter: the Holy Ghost. He said, “When you have the Holy Ghost with you always on your mission, you’ll find yourself enjoying your mission rather than just enduring it.”
We must learn, especially as missionaries, to find joy in exact obedience and give our souls fully to our Heavenly Father so we can be instruments in His hands. Sister Whiting also told about how when she was released, the “mantle of missionary work” was lifted and she felt a literal, physical weight being lifted off her shoulders. However, she was sad about that weight being gone because she bore it with a smile and with the help of the Savior during her entire 18 months as a missionary. She encouraged us to devote ourselves so fully to our duty as missionaries that when it came time to be released, we were devastated.
I love that. This is really the only opportunity we have in our lives to completely forget ourselves and consecrate ourselves entirely to the same matters that the Lord concerns himself with always. Every day we wake up thinking, “What can I do to help in the salvation of another human soul today?” That is our purpose. That is His purpose. And that is why missionaries feel so close to God during their calling. One of the missionaries in my district brought up a quote: You have 2 years (18 months) to serve your mission and your entire life to think about it. Don’t have any regrets to look back on. Give it everything you’ve got, every single day.
So that’s the goal: consecrate myself fully to the Lord and be an instrument, always at the ready, in His hands.
I’d encourage everyone to do the same though: whether it’s school, work, sports, raising children, being a friend, do it happily. And give it your all. Put your whole soul into your efforts.
If there’s one thing you’ll never regret, it’s doing your job with all your heart.
IMG_0093 - Version 2

With my two wonderful MTC companions and our other two sweet roommates!

With my two wonderful MTC companions and our other two sweet roommates!

Hermana Morgan Lewis and Hermano Mike Needham

Hermana Morgan Lewis and Elder Mike Needham


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