Search for and Feel the Spirit. Everyday.

¡Hola Todos! Oh my, this week just flew by for me…it feels like P Day was just yesterday! And now I´m already past my MTC Hump Day! It’s been so awesome getting letters from so many of you guys, and sometimes even seeing you in person! (Wilsynn, Jacquie, Jennifer, Lucy: you guys don’t even realize how much I needed those hugs. You rock.) Thanks for all the love. I’m definitely feeling it here! It’s hard to believe I’ve been here for almost a month already…and at the same time I’m pretty sure I’ve been here for 7 years. Esta bien, tres mas semanas.

So, last weekend while you were all swimming/playing soccer/ spring breaking…IT SNOWED HERE. FOR 2 DAYS.  Pero, it warmed up and today is perf. Not StG perf, but close.

Most Exciting News This Week:


What are the chances of that even happening? Slim to none. But, guess what. It happened! On Sunday, I found out that the new district in our zone was going to Argentina, but I didn’t want to get my hopes up. Then our dear elders did some searching and found out one of the Hermanas was Hermana Tanner. SO I WENT NUTS! I was seriously over the moon yesterday and I nearly tackled her when I saw her on the way to dinner. Seriously? My BFF is in my zone… my ward, and only 2 doors down for class…. I will see her all the time!  My district thinks I’m crazy but it’s fine. Tender mercies are the best! Like really? How is my life so good?

So the MTC is a really cool place, I promise. There are all these promptings we get as missionaries about our investigators who are really just our teachers or volunteers but these promptings are real life. It’s amazing how the Spirit can just put the right words into your mouth, or give you the exact question to ask, or turn you in the right direction for a lesson. It’s real folks. Like the other morning, I was giving the opening prayer for an “investigator” and while I was praying it was like I let go completely. I wasn’t thinking about what I wanted to say but more how to put those words into Spanish. I could feel my lips moving but they weren’t words that I was coming up with. It turned out to be our best lesson yet. So amazing.

That’s one thing that has been my main focus here:  listening and acting on spiritual promptings.  It’s so crazy because even here, in one of the most spiritual places in the world, the Spirit is hard to discern.  It’s no wonder that it can’t get our attention when we’re so plugged into iPods, iPhones, computers, school work, work, and just day-to-day life.

In our testimony meeting the other night, one of the elders brought up such a good point. “We can’t just sit and wait for the Spirit to reach us.  We have to SEARCH for it!”  It kinda goes back to that “act or be acted upon” (2 Nephi 2:26) talk given by Elder David A. Bednar, entitled “The Spirit of Revelation” (April 2011 General Conference). The Spirit is found in ACTIONMake time everyday to search out the Spirit in your life.  It’s so important.

So, that’s your challenge:

Search for and Feel the Spirit. Every day.

(Mormon Messages on youtube can help… just a hint!)

Con todo mi amor,

Hermanita Lewis

Jacquie, Jenn, Hermana Morgan Lewis, and Wilsyy at the Provo Temple!

Jacquie, Jenn, Hermana Morgan Lewis, and Wilsyy at the Provo Temple!

My reaction to the snow at the MTC!

My reaction to the snow at the MTC!

Hermana Lewis, Hermana Tanner, and Elder Garcia

Hermana Lewis, Hermana Tanner, and Elder Garcia


Hermana Lewis and Hermana Tanner

Hermana Lewis and Hermana Tanner


One thought on “Search for and Feel the Spirit. Everyday.

  1. Your sweet mother just sent me the link to your blog and I am thrilled!! You are such a special person and I love this latest post!! So inspiring on the eve of general conference!! My nephew Jaden Beckstrand just arrived at the MTC 2 days ago..his sister Ashley is missing him desperately!! She spent many hours at our house and you could just tell. All the missionaries I personally know are top notch and are going to touch the lives of every single person!! You are so amazing!! Lots of love!! ~Marci Giles

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