We are Family: District 38C

General conference here was so great! It was so fun to feel the energy and spirit of the Lord’s army in the MTC. When they reported the new missionary count (65,600 plus 26,000 more on the way!), we cheered; when Sister Dalton got released, you could hear gasps throughout the audience; when they announced the prophet’s talk, you could hear pens clicking and quiet whispers of “yes!” scattered all around; and when Jeffrey R. Holland spoke, the entire auditorium was completely silent. The MTC is magic, it’s going to be hard to leave in 4 days.

VOCAL POINT was our devotional on Sunday night!! They are awesome, it was one of my favorite devotionals in the history of the MTC. Hermana Platt got called on to pray for the devotional so we had front row seats!! I was a little starstruck. It’s fine.

It’s snowed here again the other day, I think as a final goodbye from my dear Provo. I’ll miss you darling mountains, snow, and wind, but I have humidity, beaches, and souls waiting for me down in Florida! Tampa, here I come!

Amid all the excitement of leaving is this horribly bittersweet feeling that we have to say goodbye to our district. I have come to love these Elders and Hermanas like they were my own brothers and sisters. They are some of the most amazing people I have ever met, and I feel blessed to be part of the District 38C family. So I’m going to introduce them so you can all love them just as much as me.

Elder Cox: This elder is one of the most sensitive elders I have ever met. He has eyes like Winnie the Pooh and he is just as loyal of a friend. He loves to side with us Hermanas when the Elders try to gang up on us. It makes the matchup an even 6-6, so we appreciate him a lot. He helps us out in gym a lot too: his arm workouts are killer, and his meditation sessions are relaxed perfection. He works so hard and has a total gift for expressing himself in English as well as Spanish.

Elder Warren: Elder Cox’s companion, Elder Warren is our most recent District Leader! He’s the only one of us not from the Western US…He’s actually from New York and is studying music. Way awesome. Also, he is going to baptize and marry his non-member girlfriend when he gets home. Chulina, verdad? I’m stoked for him. He’s such a great leader, I’m grateful for him.

Elder Schirmer: Elder Schirmer is one of the Elder Trio [Schirmer, Garcia, Niedert] that just got called as Zone Leaders, all of whom I love. He is probably one of the wittiest kids I’ve met. He always throwing around this little basketball egg in class, and it tends to hit him in the face a lot. Hilarious. He is the inventer of the Nasty Candy Game (See last entry) ….it’s his fault I had to eat 3 Peeps. But I’m not bitter. He keeps us laughing, but his testimonies make half the hermanas cry on Tuesdays. What a gem.

Elder Niedert: He is such a character. The Hermanas thought he hated us until we threw him a birthday party last week for the big 1-9. Since then he’s been nothing but kind to us. Lesson learned: when in doubt, throw someone a party. Everyone loves to be the Birthday King. He’s finally consented to the idea of a district reunion when we all get back. He eats hot sauce from the bottle, makes the freakiest bunny faces, and is such a sweetheart. We love Elder Niedert.

Elder Garcia: Elder Garcia is a natural leader. He was our first District Leader and is now part of the Zone Leader Trio. He’s got a talent for pep talks, and did a pretty good job of keeping us in line. (Someone had to do it.) He’s the only one who knows what song I’m humming when I have super old rap songs stuck in my head. In high school he was a football player and a male cheerleader, so yeah he’s pretty confident. And sorry Daddio, he could give you a run for your money in the toe touch department. Underneath his jokes he has a super sincere personality and such a strong testimony. He’s going to be super successful in Mexico.

Elder Morris: Elder Morris is super tall, and his feet are twice the size of mine. He has literally the sweetest personality and he has come out of his shell so much in these 6 weeks! When he smiles, he can literally light up a room. He works so hard at Spanish and being exactly obedient, and I am so happy I have gotten to know him.

Elder Rawle: Companions with Elder Morris, this elder is a trip. He never stops singing, but his voice actually rocks so like it’s fine. He keeps us entertained always; there is never a dull moment when Elder Rawle is around. He’s super artistic and is going to be famous in photography or filmography or both. He kind of already is. He is so outgoing and he currently holds the record for most packages…and they’re all HUGE and full of Mexican candy. Which he makes us all try. But he is another one with incredible leadership talent and his testimony is so strong.

Hermana Russell: I can only think of one word with this hermana: HILARIOUS. The things that come out of her mouth send us rolling on the floor in fits of giggles. She is always happy, always singing, and has a talent for finding celeb look-alikes for everyone. She tells us her dreams every single morning, and we help her interpret them. She leaves the most hideous pictures of herself on my camera, which is always a treat. She prides herself on her ugly faces. She is theatrical, not dramatic. And I don’t know what I’d do without her sunshine spirit in my life.

Hermana Miller: Garcia nicknamed her “little one” or “poquito uno.” Hermana Miller is probably the kindest, most positive person I’ve ever met in my life. She has something nice to say about everyone, everything, always. I love it. She is so dedicated to the mission too; there is not one second that she’s not working super hard. The elders tease her for her small bites, but she doesn’t let that ever bother her. She is such a special person, and she and Hermana Russell are the perfect Coordinating Sisters.

Hermana Daines: Has 24 brothers and sisters. [13 are adopted] YES REAL LIFE. She is one of my companions, and I’m grateful for it. She is so attentive to others’ needs and feelings, especially mine. She always has a story to tell, and she knows everyone from “somewhere, but I don’t know where.” She probably cries the most out of the hermanas, but her crying face is way cuter than Kim K’s so nobody minds. She is passionate about everything she does and is never afraid to share her feelings about the gospel. I admire her so much.

Hermana Platt: My other companion, and the mediator between the 3 of us. She is one of the most calm and even-tempered girls I have ever met and it’s such a blessing! She’s had a lot of hardships early in life but she handles it all so well. She understands me when I quote movies and tv shows and will quote back and forth with me. Which I LOVE. She is so open and upfront about her thoughts and feelings. She knows who she is and what she’s doing and where she’s going in life and I love her to bits!

And then there’s me. I honestly just feel incredibly blessed to be around all these incredible people every single day. I can’t imagine being put in a better district. We are completely a family, and it’s going to be so hard to say goodbye to them. [Handshakes are the most unfulfilling thing ever invented.] I’ll miss our strong testimony meetings AKA football games [thank you Elder Garcia], our in-class games, and singing nonstop while we sit in a tiny, cramped classroom for 6+ hours a day. I’m going to miss every second.

I know we’re going to change so many lives in Mexico and Florida. We are as the Army of Helaman. We are the Lord’s Army. And, we will serve him with every bit of our heart, might, mind, and strength.  Then, we will come home and meet again, and (like Alma and the Sons of Mosiah) we will talk for hours about the miracles on our missions and how stoked we are that we are still so dedicated to the gospel. I can’t wait for that day, but we’re going to take this one step at a time. So Tampa and Monterrey: get ready. We’re on the front lines, ready to bring the world His Truth.

MTC District 38C: We are Family!

MTC District 38C: We are Family

Provo LDS Temple

Provo LDS Temple

Hermana Daines, Hermana Platt, and Hermana Lewis

Hermana Daines, Hermana Platt, and Hermana Lewis

Hermana Daines, Hermana Lewis, and Hermana Platt

Hermana Daines, Hermana Lewis, and Hermana Platt


Hermana Lewis and Hermana Cardullo

Hermana Lewis and Hermana Cardullo


One thought on “We are Family: District 38C

  1. As you prepare to leave the MTC, wish you all the best! We pray that Heavenly Father will bless you every step of the way with safety, happiness, and His holy Spirit!
    Love always,
    Gma and Gpa Lasson

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