Obedience and Love

After being here in Florida for almost a week now, I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for you all.  I love the unity of our family . . . how we’re all helping and supporting each other in the same goal.  I am grateful for consistent family home evenings, for weekly church attendance, for nightly prayer and scripture study, and for mom’s insistence that we hug/kiss each other every time we leave the house.  It’s awesome.  You’ll miss it. Trust me!

Being in the “real world” really helps me wee that families are under attack.  From every side.  Families like ours are rare. Cherish it. Strengthen it. And work hard to create this type of family later on your own.

I’m learning so much about obedience out here.  I’m learning that it’s not so much what the rule is, but our willingness to follow every rule that matters.  And it really does matter.  Heavenly Father needs to know that we are willing to give up everything to follow Him, so that when he gives us special instruction and revelation He will know that we will obey.  We don’t need to be perfect, but we need to be willing.  This is vital out here because Heavenly Father will tell us who to talk to and put people in our path that need to receive the gospel, and if we have feelings of guilt from disobedience or we are distracted because our hearts aren’t fully on our work, we won’t be able to discern the Spirit of understand His instruction.

So, continually strive to be better at the little things.  We won’t be perfect, but as we are trying our best to improve ourselves every single day, I promise that Heavenly Father will reward us.  When you’re making sacrifices, you will be blessed everytime. And you won’t become complacent or fall away. Cool, right!

The mission is going well for one week into it. I love my companions, I’m gaining a love for the people, and my love of the gospel grows every single dayI think that’s the most important thing to focus on, not just a mission, but always: LOVE.  If you have love for Heavenly Father, Christ, and their children, you can’t go wrong.  Luckily, I’ve been taught that my whole life.  I’m ahead of the game.

I really feel like I’ve been blessed in the language here.  I mean my Spanish still needs lots of work, but I hear so much from Sis. Carson and others that my Spanish is really good for only being here a week.  I feel really blessed for that.  I hope it continues to come easily.  Thanks for all your prayers in my behalf.  I can really feel the Lord’s help daily.

I’m praying for you all, always.  That is, when I’m not praying for investigators… they really are in my thoughts always.  It’s crazy. But great.

I love you all so much!  Thank you for all your love and support. I have the best fam ever!

Con todo mi amor,

Hermanita Morgan Lewis




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