Monday, May 6, 2013

Una otro semana con muchos milagros.

Today is officially my 2 month mark as a missionary. How did that time go by so fast? Who knows. It’s so great though. I am loving every second: the good times, the hard times, the energy, the exhaustion, and best of all the CHANGES we get to see in people. It’s such a blessing.

This week was really incredible. So I’ve got my journal out, and I’ll do my best to remember it all.

It’s amazing what blessings diligence and exact obedience will bring! We have have miracles every single day, and we are really seeing progress in some of our investigators. We saw a huge change in a wonderful Hispanic family during family home evening last Monday night. They are a giant family with very few active church members. I love them, and they are so hilarious! But the FHE’s weren’t previously lessons, they were hang-outs. So we have tried to change their perspective on the missionaries and teach actual lessons with them. This week, we didn’t even eat when we were at their house. We went in, their scriptures were all set out on the table in the living room where we sit, and they were ready for a lesson. The spirit was so strong as we talked about the atonement and Christ’s grace for us. It was a complete turnaround.

We also saw huge strides with Noe and Rosalinda. They are 2 investigators that we feel so strongly about. They take this gospel so seriously and really want to change their lives. I feel so blessed to know them. Last Monday night, Noe prayed for us for the first time. He said one of the most beautiful prayers I have ever heard in my life. He thanked Heavenly Father for sending us sisters just to check on him (he was a last-minute stop we felt we needed to make), and he asked God to help him stay on the path of righteousness…Ahhh I wish I could write down his whole prayer, he is one amazing guy. Rosalinda has now come to church twice (Noe came this week too!) and everytime I see her she has more light in her eyes. She smiles more. These changes are so visible, it’s amazing! On Wednesday, we extended baptism invitations to both of them with a date attached…June 9th. They both said they would pray about it. I’m definitely praying my hardest for these two!

Sweet little Diamond is still progressing toward her baptism date as well. The ward has been awesome with her and I know that this gospel will change her life.

Training on Tuesday went wonderfully!! It was such a special opportunity to have the spirit work through us as we came up with the MemberSHOCK, which has the potential to change the whole mission. Pres. Summerhays is already planning on us presenting it at zone conference. Our goal is to SHOCK the members by sharing lessons with them and getting out on time!

S=share the spirit

H=honest & upfront

O=our purpose

C=create member missionaries

K=keep the time.

Doing the presentation was an absolute blast!  We had the funniest role-plays! And it was even funnier because these role plays actually happened… We had sisters coming up to us after and thanking us for the help because members can put us in some awkward situations when we’re trying to be exactly obedient! It all went so well though. We even made handouts, I’ll have to send one home.

My biggest change of the week was the surprise that came on Wednesday. Hermanas Larsen, Carson, and I have been assigned to be Sister Training Leaders! This is a new leadership position that is being implemented throughout the world right now. Sister Training Leaders are basically the sister equivalent of a Zone Leader…only we’re over a full stake so that’s 2 zones. We go on 24-hour exchanges with all the sisters at least once every transfer, and report directly to President. We are there to provide comfort and guidance for them, as well as set an example. It’s such an amazing thing that will really unify the mission I think. I don’t know how long it will last because transfers are coming in a couple weeks and I could definitely be transferred out of here. But I’ll do the best I can until I find out! It’s hard not to feel inadequate when receiving an assignment like that, but I know the Lord will help me and my companions to rise to the occasion and help the sisters in our stake out. I’m really excited for it all!

I had a real change in attitude this week as well. I came on my mission thinking I was doing awesome by choosing to serve the Lord and thinking, “Wow those people in Tampa must really need what I can bring to the table.” But that is so not the case. I need them and this mission so much more than it needs me! Heavenly Father could have sent any missionaries to meet these incredible people and teach them and bring them back to the fold. But, he sent me because I needed to learn something from them. And I really am. I learn so much more from these people and from the lessons we teach than they learn from me, I’m sure of it. This mission is changing me just as quickly as we see the changes in our investigators. And the same goes for my companions. The Lord knew I needed them to help me to enjoy my mission and to uplift me. And they do that daily. I am so grateful to have companions as loving and attentive and excited to do missionary work as Hermana Carson and Larsen. We have the funniest, greatest times together. It’s like we’re just 3 best friends hanging out 24/7, working hard and preaching the gospel at the same time! Not every day is easy, but every single day has something new to learn.

Keep walking in the light of the Lord, and He will help you to find joy in all things.

I love you all so much!

amor amor amor,

Hermana Morgan Lewis

xoxoxoxoxoxo 143434343343444

**The following photos are from Sis. Summerhayes’ blog:

Hermanas Larsen, Carson, and Lewis presenting MemberSHOCK at a training meeting.

Hermanas Larsen, Carson, and Lewis presenting MemberSHOCK at a training meeting.

The new Sister Leader Trainers learning their new responsibilities from Pres. Summerhayes.

The new Sister Leader Trainers learning their new responsibilities from Pres. Summerhayes.

The first Sister Leader Trainers in the Florida Tampa Mission.

The first Sister Leader Trainers in the Florida Tampa Mission.

The Zone Leaders and The Sister Leader Trainers at our first Mission Leader Training.

The Zone Leaders and The Sister Leader Trainers at the first Mission Leader Training.


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