Biggest Shock: I don’t hate my bike!

May 20, 2013
I’m a real missionary now.  AKA, bike week!
Yep, you read that right. We were not smart with our miles and had so many meetings in Bradenton and Sarasota this month that we now have 200 miles (we started with 1270) to last us the rest of May. Entonces…Bike riding time! 

Biggest Shock: I don’t hate it. 

[I’m actually falling in love with my bike. I feel like such a triathlete or something when I ride. Dad, awesome job on picking all that out.]

Yes, we look absolutely ridiculous. Yes, it is exhausting and I’m now usually asleep before I hit the pillow. Yes, we get weird looks and awkward comments. Yes, Florida is hot, and I don’t think I’ve ever sweat so much in my life. BUT, it’s also the funnest, most hilarious activity I have ever done in my life. It’s impossible to not be the happiest person in the world when we’re just riding around, not giving a care for what anyone thinks, sweating our faces off, and preaching the gospel! Plus: “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people don’t kill their husbands. They just don’t.” We’ve still got some investigators that are pretty far out there (beyond biking distance) but the Lord will provide!

This week was a little crazy. As Sister Training Leaders, we have the opportunity to do 24-hour exchanges with the other girls in our stake. It’s so inspired, because we are now able to report directly to President when sisters are having a hard time or if there’s a situation that needs to be handled. On Wednesday-Thursday, we had one of those exchanges. It was crazy because we were all feeling a lot of anxiety about the exchange before it happened and we weren’t sure if we should go through with it. But, it turns out that was just Satan working on us really hard because there was some serious stuff going on in the other area that needed to be corrected pronto. Luckily, we went through with the exchange and it was good. Only now things are going to be changing for us as well.

We had a meeting with President yesterday to find out what would be best to do for those sisters. The first option was that Hermana Carson would go there for her last transfer and help the sisters out. None of us wanted that…we love our companionship way too much and our work here is going amazing right now. So we figured out a compromise: Hermana Carson is going to the other area to train those sisters for a week and then she’s coming back to us. Thank goodness. We’ll still have weekly exchanges with them to make sure they are doing alright, but we’ll take that over giving up sweet Hermana Carson any day! I love President and Sister Summerhays, they are amazing and I’m sure going to miss them when they leave in just a couple months! 

I did get to see sweet Sister Dyan Hale at stake conference yesterday! (We decided last minute to go up to Bradenton instead of watching it on satellite.) It was so fun to see her and hear about all the people from Ocean Springs she’s kept in contact with. She is so fun! 

Our focus this week is to work with our progressing investigators and get them baptized, and to create more progressing investigators out of our new investigators. We have so many solid people right now we just need to give them some more attention and help them realize that they can do this! 

Rosie Posie got her answer this week! She said she was reading and praying about the Book of Mormon, and she got this feeling in her heart. And she felt that she needed to get baptized and go on a mission. We saw her again last night, and she said she was feeling really inadequate. She asked, “Why me?” To which we responded, “Rosie. You’re a daughter of God. Why not you?” I shared with her that before my mission I was feeling the same way. I said, “I felt that I couldn’t talk to people I don’t know or leave my family for 18 months or be a good missionary for the Lord. Sometimes you feel like you can’t do it. And you’re right. By yourself, you can’t. But with the Lord, you can do anything.It was such an amazing lesson.

She then took us over to see her cute friend Tisha, who is just amazing. She is 20 years old and has the cutest little baby Elijah. Tisha told us she feels like she fell off the path and has been struggling to get back on. Rosie shared her testimony with her and we testified that Heavenly Father loves her and is so proud of her for the choices she is making and for her willingness to come back to Him. It was such a special experience and she even accepted the invitation to be baptized in that first lesson! 

We also met 2 amazing boys: Augustine and Javier. Augustine is the friend of a member that goes on splits with us a lot, Stephanie. [She calls me Hermana Kesha because of my hair. It’s fine.] Augustine is 13 and has come to church before but has never been officially taught by missionaries. Javier is his 15-year-old brother and they are both so solid!!! They are just the sweetest boys and they really just get it. They want to be baptized asap. We prayed about a date for them and felt like June 9 was right. We asked them to pray about it in the lesson. Augustine said it and in the prayer he asked, “please help us to know if we should be baptized on June 9… or sooner…” How cute right! They are just perfect. They have member support (Stephanie’s family), their mom is just happy they’re going to any church, and they want this so much. Our lessons with them are always so great. Last time, Augustine basically taught the Plan of Salvation for us. And when we give them an assignment to read, they read it more than once and then pray about it. Heavenly Father is so aware of these boys and I am so glad we got to meet them! 

This work is so amazing. Never have I been so happy or so grateful. My companions are perfect, our investigators are golden, bikes are fun, and serving is the best. We are truly blessed!
I love you all so much!
Mucho amor,
Hermana Morgan Lewis
My amazing mission companions: Hermana Larsen and Carson & me before
Hermana Carson’s last transfer.  I LOVE my wonderful Hermanas!!

 Weekly planning with tres leches cake (thank you, Rogelio).



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