July 21, 2013

Being a missionary is fun because you get to be a little annoying. Like the other day. It was me and Hermana Ashby and a girl from the branch contacting a house. Knocked on the door. No answer. Knocked again. No answer. Is that kids I hear in the backyard? You better believe I went back there and started talking to them. And asked them if their mom was home. She finally came out [I knew she was home…] and we shared the Book of Mormon and everything was great. But, I just look at my life as a missionary and have these little out-of-body experiences like “What the heck am I doing breaking all kinds of social norms trying to see this person?” But Heavenly Father gives us the courage to be a little weird. To not feel awkward in those clearly extremely awkward moments. To do what we have to do to get people to listen to us. It’s so fun. The Lord is in charge, we’re just the tools.

I laugh on the daily though. Nobody really understands how funny some of our stories are because we have way too many “you had to be there” moments. Only my companions can truly understand. We can look at a house or see a person we met once and say Hey remember that one time? And we’ll all know exactly what we’re talking about and start laughing all over again. It’s so fun! Go on a mission, you’ll understand.

But, I’ll try to explain a couple anyways. At Relief Society this Wednesday we had an activity about eating healthy and exercising. One of the women is really good at green smoothies. So, she taught us how to make a few with just raw fruits and veggies and water. Me and the hermanas were loving them! So delish! Then we look over at the women of the branch…they were looking at the juices like it was straight sewage. “It’s like baby food!” “Donde esta el azucar?” “You want me to drink that??” I was dyyyyyying. Our little Mexican mammas in the branch were HILARIOUS, pulling faces as they drank this little swallow of raw fruit juice. They looked at us incredulously as we gulped ours down with big smiles. One of them looked around and said, “Las flacas es gustan los jugos pero las gordas nooooo les gustan!!” and cracked up. Our branch. Love em.

And then there’s our morning workouts. President challenged us to do 10 50-yd wind sprints in the mornings. And to go outside everyday for our workouts. Well.. our apartment is right on one of the main roads in town. And there’s no sign of a football field for miles. SO. We run those wind sprints up and down that main road. Cars passing by, slowing down to look at these crazy girls at 6:15 am….running as fast as they can, stopping at a random point, turning around and walking back, and doing it all over again. Then doing our pushups and ab workouts on the cement in the parking lot of a Chiropractor’s office which just happens to also be on that main road. Good thing missionaries don’t get embarrassed right?

But those workouts are a model of the way we’ve decided to serve our mission. All out, no regrets. [And no embarrassment….] We’re working as hard as we can on our little island. We’re finding. We’re teaching. We’re begging people to “PLEASE just come to church!!!”. It’s exhausting. But it’s amazing. And the Lord has his way of giving us little miracles each and every day to keep us going. Yes, this area needs a miracle. But Heavenly Father is a god of miracles and guess what….He’s on our side. #winningteam. It’s taken awhile and it’s going to take awhile but we’re seeing changes. Little by little. And we’re not going to give up on our people, because one day they’re going to thank us for being so persistent. [slash annoying.]

It’s becoming more and more real to me the longer I’m out here…Missionary work is changing. And changing fast. The stone cut out of the mountain is reaching full speed and there’s no stopping it. That missionary broadcast from a couple weeks ago? Elder Nelson said that we don’t know it yet, but that event was as important and as impactful as the restoration of the priesthood on the earth. I don’t know what the feelings are back home, but out here in the mission world, there’s an excitement that can’t be contained. [Maybe it has a little something to do with the technology method of missionary work. Which will be coming sooner than you think…] President Cusick told us, “This wave is happening with or without us. We can catch it and be part of it and help it along, or we can watch it pass by passively. But we make the choice.” We, as missionaries, are on board. We’re on the edge of something great. And now we’re trying to help the members feel it. The Lord is asking more of the members than he ever has before. We’re preparing. We’re building the kingdom. And there’s no going back now.

We’ve gotten the message loud and clear from the prophets and apostles, President Cusick, President Clover (the stake president), and the Lord: we need strong members. Members who will be leaders, who will step up and be responsible, who are dedicated to the Lord, who will serve, and who will help build the kingdom, rather than be a burden. It’s a little harsh maybe, but it’s true. So we’re on a scavenger hunt to find those people…the leaders, the mothers, the future priesthood holders that the Lord is calling for. And it’s a blast. I love every second.

It’s time to catch the wave.

Love you all.


Hermana Lewis




We love our new companion and my cute friend from Colorado Springs, Hermana Ashby!

We love our new companion and my cute friend from Colorado Springs, Hermana Ashby!


We love our sweet Anahi!

We love our sweet Anahi!


Double Rainbowwww!!

Double Rainbowwww!!


2 thoughts on “CATCHING THE WAVE

  1. Hi,
    I somehow came across your blog and am appreciating reading your letters. My daughter is also serving in Tampa as an English speaking sister. She has been out 1 month, so is still learning and growing. I love reading and seeing what it is like where she is! Hope you don’t mind!

    • Thank you for your sweet comments. Morgan absolutely loves serving in the Tampa mission, and she really loves their new mission president, Pres. Cusick! You are welcome to read her blog anytime! Her letters are so fun to read! It is a wonderful blessing to be a missionary mom. I hope your daughter is enjoying her mission! 🙂

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