Celebrate Little Victories!

Okay so let’s start off by saying…


President Monson thought it was pretty incredible. He even wrote in his journal that it was the best he’d ever attended. And he’s the prophet so…..I’d say it was pretty great.


President Uchtdorf’s talk gave me butterflies. Elder Bednar’s talk changed my entire perspective on blessings. [Well, really everything that comes out of his mouth changes my life so that’s no surprise.] Elder Ballard spoke right to my soul. President Monson touched my heart. The choir made me cry. More than once. And can I just add that a family choir was the best idea they’ve ever had? Watching those poor children try to not fidget was the entertainment of a lifetime. But seriously. One of the best conferences I have ever seen. They just get better and better don’t they?

Hard to believe what happened exactly 1 year ago. Look at me now.

Look at everyone now. Mom sends me printed-out emails a couple times a week of all my friends that are serving missions right now and the stories they tell, and oh my goodness, I just could not be more proud of all of us! Elder Holland once said that our missions are first for us. We are our first converts. And we can’t convert anyone past our own conversion. I see the changes we’re all making. The sacrifices and the trials we endure. The valiant advocates of truth that we are becoming. And I get butterflies. If nothing else, we’re gonna have some powerhouse parents within the next 10 years. #armyofhelaman

Conference was the welcome relief I was needing after this week. It seemed that all our plans fell through every. single. day. even the super solid ones. It was a tad brutal.

Not to mention I fell off my bike and skinned my knee like a 3-year-old. I cannot remember the last time I skinned my knee. I’d tell you the story but. Let’s just say it’s a little embarrassing, and I didn’t fall into the ditch right beside me so I’m counting my blessings. We’ll just add it to the list of injuries: burn on the arm, scab on the knee.

Tampa-2      Hermana Lewis-0

I’ll find some way to even the score.

Anyways. Our week. I was wondering if there was something I was doing wrong. Something we could change. Something we can do better. Because as Elder Dube’s mother so bluntly put it. “Never look back. Look at all we still have to do.” There’s always something we can improve. But as a missionary we wonder if anything we do is actually making a difference. If anyone takes seriously all these invitations we extend. If people really do appreciate what we do.

Well let me tell you about Eyda. She’s been a member for only 7 or so years. She comes to church on-and-off but usually works on Sundays and has had a lot of health problems. Her husband Luis has been a member for a longer time, but he, too, is less-active. When we got here, Eyda hadn’t been to church in almost 3 months. She had been feeling pain in her back and was sick for a period of time. We felt prompted a couple weeks ago to tell her that if she went to church on Sundays and read the Book of Mormon, she would feel better. They both then came to church the next 2 weeks in a row. Earlier this week, we went to visit Eyda and Luis and invite them to watch conference. I saw on the table a package. It was full of Top Ramen, Tylenol, and on the top… a Libro de Mormon. “I’m going to send it to my sister,” Eyda explained, “She’s been having some problems and I told her this book helps me.”


Then, last night we stopped by their house on our way home. We were able to talk with Luigi, their son who has been inactive in the church since he was 14, and he told us he would watch conference as well. [We are working with Luigi and Sara to help Sara learn about the church and be baptized and help Luigi come back to church. They’re amazing.] As Eyda was saying goodbye to us, she mentioned that she is sending another Book of Mormon to her daughter because after her sister got the Book, her daughter wanted one too! We’re going to help them find the church in Cuba as well, the next time we go over. Eyda invited her other daughter to church next Sunday and their whole family is planning on coming.

I had complete butterflies in my stomach and felt so excited I could have screamed right then and there. I pulled Eyda into a big hug and told her. “Hermana. Usted es misionera.” She got a little grin on her face and said “Dios esta haciendo su trabajo.” God is doing His work.

He sure is.

As Jeffrey R. Holland so beautifully put, we need to celebrate little victories.

Cause by small and simple things. [and small and simple people] are great things brought to pass.

Love you all so much!


Hermana Lewis.


Panera lunch between Saturday sessions of General Conference!

Panera lunch between Saturday sessions of General Conference!

French toast on General Conference Sunday!

French toast on General Conference Sunday!

French toast on General Conference Sunday!

French toast on General Conference Sunday!



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