Transfer Results

November 4, 2013

Guess who’s on car share again.

But this time coming to you from the “dirty south” aka Naples.

I went from being right in the thick of it all in Tampa to getting shipped down to the farthest South mission a sister missionary can go, Bahia B.

And it’s awesome. Minus the biking. [of all the things I like to do….]

So I’m gonna be honest. The transfer meeting caught me COMPLETELY off-guard. I was nearly convinced I was staying in Tampa. So I didn’t really do a great job of saying goodbye to everyone. So it was a little hard to leave….Ah well. There’s always Facebook after the mish right? But I’m really so excited about this new area. My new companion is Hermana Finlayson and we are going to absolutely explode this area this transfer. It’s gonna happen. We’re determined to bring about miracles.

The ward rocks so much. The bishop, Bishop Rodriguez, reminds me a lot of dad. He knows everyone and missionary work is his #1 priority. Ward council yesterday was absolute heaven, I’ve never been in a meeting so efficient. I also got the opportunity to bear my testimony yesterday as it was my first Sunday in the ward. And play piano…..rather clumsily. Seriously, I wish I had worked harder on my piano skills before the mish. It’s coming back to bite me. But there’s no time like the present right? Never thought I’d get called as a ward pianist!

I had my first “I cannot eat this” moment this week. We went over to a recent convert’s house for dinner before we took her over to a lesson. She fed us the norm Cuban food: pork, rice, beans. It was all fine and dandy til she pulled out dessert. I kid you not, it was half a cup of cream cheese–straight cream cheese–with guava sauce poured over it. Now I’m all for guava and cheese. Guava and cheese pastries are directly from heaven. But, a huge hunk of cream cheese? with a little guava sauce to flavor it? no. no no no no no.

But I did it. I ate that entire cream cheese ball and all the sauce. I’m sure my face was priceless. That’s what Hermana Finlayson told me at least.

She wants us to come eat every Saturday now. We’re going to have to pray long and hard about that one.

I couldn’t eat anything else all night. Luckily we’re on bikes. And the next day was fast sunday.

If only that was the only one….. we went to see an old investigator. This super old man who lives alone so we had a lesson on his porch. He kept insisting on giving us food. He gave us some delicious lemon cake. I was in heaven. Til he insisted we have some juice to go with it. He pours it into Hermana Finlayson’s cup first. “hmmm that does not look orange…it looks rather brown” I thought. That should have been my first clue. He poured me a glass and yeah…it tasted a little off. A lot off. So me and Hermana looked at each other and decided the best option is just to chug it.

Only that just made him think we were super thirsty so he offered us more. This time Hermana looked at the expiration date.


July 28.

It was 4 months expired. No way were we about to drink that again. So I used my super missionary skills and when he got up to grab something I tossed the remaining liquid out the door. And then did it again for Hermana Finlayson. We gotta have each other’s backs when there’s rancid orange juice involved ya know?

But in all reality. I’m hitting this transfer with a new “animo” for the work. The circumstances are perfect: I have a hardworking, obedient, willing companion. A ward that’s focused on missionary work. A full area book. And the Lord on my side.

And like M. Russell Ballard said, “When we’re doing our best and we’re on the Lord’s errand, it’s impossible for us to fail.”

Ready for some “exito”.

Oh, and I just got Willy’s email address so I’m gonna end this now and email her!

Love you all!

Hermana Lewis

Last Panera meal with Hermana Newbill as my companion.

Last Panera meal with Hermana Newbill as my companion.

I will miss having Hermana Newbill as my companion. We have enjoyed serving in Tampa together!

I will miss having Hermana Newbill as my companion. We have enjoyed serving in Tampa together!

Genesis, our best member missionary!

Genesis, our best member missionary!


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