The Mormons are Coming. . .

November 12, 2013  (11/12/13)

The Mormons are coming….

That’s the catch phrase of the new latest greatest musical that just happens to be coming to none other than….TAMPA.

Yep. The Book of Mormon Musical is coming to our neck of the woods. Heaven help us.

Just kidding! We’re set and ready to answer any and all questions that come around because of this crazy publicity.

I love the church’s ads in the play…”You’ve seen the musical, now read the book.” and “The book is always better than the movie.” hahahahaha.

We have nothing to defend. The gospel defends itself.

I learned that lesson pretty strongly this week. We had a lesson with a lady that was probably one of the most difficult lessons of my life. She went into the lesson with the intent to prove the Book of Mormon wrong. She had one question: Show me in the Bible where it says anything about this “Mormon” guy. Well we showed her a couple scriptures about how the Book of Mormon and Bible work together and how she needs to just read the Book of Mormon and pray to find out if it’s true. But it wasn’t enough. “No. Muchachas [said condescendingly while smacking her gum]. I shouldn’t have to pray about it. It should be in the Bible because the Bible has everything. I shouldn’t have to pray if you can show me.”


It wasn’t going to work. So we left the book with her and told her we would come back when she’s actually read it.

We’re not here to convince. We’re not here to argue. We’re here to teach. We’re here to share what we know to be true.

Some people aren’t ready. And that’s okay. Because some people are. And that’s what makes this whole experience worthwhile.

Sunday night we had a miracle. There was an investigator that the previous hermanas were working with, Rey Hernandez. He lives super far from our apartment and works all day every day except Saturday and Sunday. Sunday night we stayed after church for the Elders’ baptism. [So worth it, Rocky is amazing.] So we didn’t have time to go home for dinner before our next appointment. So we grabbed a cupcake and headed out to make it to our less-active’s on time. “We’ll just have dinner later” we thought. Unfortunately, our less-active wasn’t home. We could have gone home and ate. But we felt like we needed to take advantage of where we were and conserve miles instead. [miles are tight, our area is huge. #lifeofamissionary] So we looked at our planner and saw Rey. He wasn’t at church today and he has been for the last 2 weeks. We better go see him. He told us he went to the English Ward because it worked better with his schedule for the day. We asked him how he felt and he loved it. And well….long story short: we [re-]set his baptismal date. November 30th.

That’s right folks, skip dinner and get a baptismal date. That’s how this missionary thing works.

I’m totally kidding.

But we may or may not be skipping dinners more often. 🙂

I’m just kidding we’re on bikes that’s crazy talk.

We’ve been working like crazy this week, taking advantage of that Corolla while we got it. And there’s still room to improve. So much room. But we’re being obedient, we’re being diligent, we’re being patient, and the blessings are flowing.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this yet but President has banned tracting. Banned it. Completely. No knocking allowed.

We work through the members. Or we “go where the people are”.

So in Naples that means the beach right? I’m joking we haven’t done that…..yet…..

As soon as some time frees up we’ll get creative. Zoo trip maybe?

But for now the work is here and we’re laboring in this vineyard like there’s no tomorrow.

Yesterday, we tried to contact another less-active. She wasn’t home so we decided to walk down the street to another potential investigator that came to English Class once. We walked literally 5 steps when a man called out to us from across the street, “You’re from a church right?” And started jabbering away about how he wanted to learn more about the Bible and how to be on the right path. He might have been a little high…but that’s okay because he said he’ll call us and that he’ll start reading the Book of Mormon. Shortly after, his friend [who was sober, thank goodness] drove up to us and said he wanted a card too. If nothing else, maybe we’ll get some new English Class students!

Sembrando semillas. That’s what we do. Talking to everyone. You never know who’s really ready.

Love you all so much!

Hermana Lewis



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