I Forgot My Journal…

I forgot my journal this morning as we left the house so…..

I don’t really remember what happened this week.
I know we biked to oblivion. I know we set a date. I know we helped move a family out of their house using nothing but garbage bags. I know we helped a man garden in his front yard for an hour…which led to him telling us his entire life story. I know we were exactly obedient. I know we saw miracles. I know it was another incredible week of missionary work.
It was just a bit of a blur, all of it.
I just need to send my journal home, huh?
And now I’m just passing away my email time looking at a blank screen not sure what to say next.
……I love you all.
Yesterday was the primary program here in Bahia Ward. And let me tell you: as cute as the Primary Program is in English……..it’s cuter in Spanish. And get this. They made missionary plaques for all the kids. that said \
Future Missionary
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
There might have been a tear or two shed by us Hermanas in the ward. Like every time they sang a song. It was just too adorable. And it was amazing because as they each stepped up to say their part, I saw it. I saw the vision that the Lord has for each of these children. I saw the future Elders in their white shirts and ties. I saw the future Sisters with their sweet smiles sitting down to teach a family. This next generation is going to be a powerhouse. The wave of missionary work is only going to get bigger and more powerful with each new group that heads into the MTC. Imagine what it will be like in 8, 10, 13 years when these primary kids are leaving for their own missions. It’s INCREDIBLE.
Other highlights this week..
Moving the family using nothing but garbage bags? That really happened. And what’s better….we only had 2 hours to do it. With the help of the Lord and Glad Forceflex bags: Mission accomplished. It was hilarious to watch. It was only me, Hna Finlayson, and this couple running around the house stuffing everything they own into giant black bags. Including around 75 little candy vending machines that were stored in the highest corners of their garage/attic. Cause that’s what he does for a living…install vending machines. Too funny.
We set a date with Sonia. She’s been meeting with missionaries for around 9 months and has had previous dates set. But this time she’s ready. She’s married to a member and she herself used to be Jehovah’s Witness. So she’s pretty knowledgeable about the Bible and she’s been coming to church, reading the Book of Mormon, and praying diligently to know if and when she should be baptized. We explained to her that when we set a righteous goal and make a deal with the Lord about a time frame, He always helps us to complete that goal. She agreed, and she’s currently praying about the first week in December. She is amazing!! Did I mention that we’re spending Thanksgiving with Sonia and Alberto? I couldn’t ask for a better family to spend that day with. They are so classy and cute. So add Sonia to the prayer list 🙂
On Saturday Hermana Finlayson got a flat tire right as we were leaving the house so we spent an hour trying to figure out how to use a presta pump. It’s hard. That hour threw off our entire day’s plans so we did some switching around. We ended up in the trailer park we had planned to be in that night. We tried to contact a couple less-actives but they weren’t home. But next door to one of the homes was a man working outside in his garden. I went over and asked him if we could help. Surprisingly [NOBODY lets us help them] he said “Claro!” We spent the next hour helping him plant little flowers in his new flower bed and talking about life. Like I said, he spilled his whole life story. It was pretty cool. Then he started asking us about basic principles of the gospel. He hasn’t had really any religious background. We gave him our card and invited him to the Tuesday church activities and he eagerly accepted. We’re meeting with him again tonight. He said he always saw the missionaries walking or driving around but never bothered to talk to them. Sometimes the Lord leads people to us, sometimes He leads us to them.
It’s cool how it all works out.
Sorry for the short letter today….
I love you all!
Hermana Lewis
Moving a family using nothing but garbage bags!

Moving a family using nothing but garbage bags!


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