Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful. . . .

December 23, 2013

Oh the Weather outside is Frightful….

Because it’s so delightful!

It was 88 degrees yesterday. Hahahahaha how’s that snow treating you all??

This week was so great! It was weird because we didn’t get as many lessons or proselyting hours as normal. But we’ve been working hard. And where it shows…is in our baptism dates set!! We have 5 right now. It’s unreal. Our weekly planning sesh was a tad overwhelming and we ended up spending 2 hours on just our 5. But we are so grateful and so excited for the plans we have ahead of us!

One of our neighbors gave us a tree. A real life tree. Because she was just getting rid of it. Well….we got it a couple days ago and we already have such a nicely decorated wrapping paper Christmas tree, so it’s really just a giant air freshener in our house. But it’s super festive and fun so we’ll keep it! Nothing like the smell of fresh pine leaves right?

It was also a week full of parties. One of them being the Mission Party!  President took us to Siesta Key Beach up in Sarasota and we got to spend a day to ourselves. It was only half the mission so I didn’t get to see Sister Larsen or Newbill but I did get to catch up on everything that’s been happening in Wauchula and have a blast with missionaries that I haven’t seen in months! It was the best 🙂 The beach was beautiful. And it was my “8 months left” mark. What a perfect way to celebrate!

We had our ward Christmas party on Saturday night too. That turned out incredibly fun! At ward council yesterday, Bishop told us that we had over 20 nonmembers there. Keep in mind that this is a pretty small ward. It was such a miracle! The members here really are catching the vision and doing their missionary work! Santa was there and the youth pulled off a darling nativity scene and everyone had so much fun.

We did do some work though. Like I said, we set our 4th and 5th dates this week. The families we’re working with are super amazing and solid, and I can’t wait to see where they will go! We are seeing so many changes in our investigators as well. I’ve never seen such a night and day difference as I have with these people as we continue to work with them. They are searching and truly trying to get closer to God. And we are so blessed to be the instruments that Heavenly Father uses to help them accomplish that!

We were at Manuel and Veronica’s house last night [we ate fried tilapia. like the whole fish. fins, eyeballs, and all. It was just chillin there on my plate. I’ll send some pics] and after our lesson Manuel says, “oh look, Santa left 2 presents for 2 babies right here under the tree!” and he goes over and hands us two of the gifts that were wrapped under the tree. We were shocked. He looked at us and said, “Gracias por regresarnos a la vida.” or…”Thank you for returning us to life.” Maybe there were tears in my eyes? He went on to thank us for reminding us of what he knew all along and helping him get back on the path. Veronica joined in and told us how she never wants to miss another Sunday of church. And if she does to call her. Hahaha she’s the cutest. That family is so sweet….all of our investigators are. I feel so blessed to be able to work with them and see these changes in their lives. As missionaries we have a front row seat to the Miracle Show. It’s the best.

And that was our week.

It was a great one. And we have another incredible one ahead of us because I GET TO TALK TO MY PRECIOUS FAMILY IN 2 DAYS!!!!!! AHHHH I CAN HARDLY BREATH FOR EXCITEMENT!

Has it really been 7 months already?

Have a beautiful Christmas. And remember the reason why we celebrate. Remember our Savior. And remember to give a gift to Him this Christmas.

I love you all!!!


Hermana Lewis


Jumping for joy on Siesta Key Beach!

Jumping for joy on Siesta Key Beach!

Me with Sister Cusick at our mission Christmas party!

Me with Sister Cusick at our mission Christmas party!

... and with Pres. Cusick.

… and with Pres. Cusick.

Hermana Finlayson & Lewis at Siesta Key Beach!

Hermana Finlayson & Lewis at Siesta Key Beach!



Our giant pine tree air freshener!

Our giant pine tree air freshener!

Eating the whole fish... fried talipa!

Eating the whole fish… fried talipa!


Fried talipa!

Fried talipa!

Alberto, Sonia, Hma Lewis

Alberto, Sonia, Hma Lewis

Christmas party!

Sister missionaries!


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