Mini General Conference

January 27, 2014

We basically just had our own little mini General Conference this weekend. It was innnncredible. And worth the miles. We’re back to bike week. But that’s okay because it’s what President wants anyways!

He’s been encouraging us to stop using our cars and bike/walk. Be with the people. Talk to everyone. And it works. We’ve seen a lot of success from it. Including one day with 7 lessons, 2 new investigators, and a couple solid referrals. The mission is constantly changing and improving. We are truly seeing miracles out here!


Back to General Conference. We took a big road trip up to Brandon [3 hours away] to go to an optional training meeting with Elder Kopischke. We decided it wasn’t optional. It was absolutely incredible. He talked about how it’s by our obedience that we receive any miracle at all, so if we want more success we need to “Find more rules. And obey them.” Elder Thompson was also there, and he talked about his mission in Paris, and how much we need to be willing to endure to get the miracles He has in store for us. He even brought out his old school missionary planner, which he keeps in his jacket pocket always. It’s so amazing to see the impact a mission has had on these General Authorities. Elder Kopischke said “Everything I am and the way I approach things, I can trace back to my mission. And it’s been 40 years.” This mission really does prepare us for the rest of our lives.


Then we had Stake Conference Adult Session up in Bonita, and the hit HARD on hastening the Work. It’s never been so apparent to me that NOW is the time. The Lord is expecting more of us. This is our duty: to preach the gospel and invite everyone to come unto Christ and be perfected in Him. And it’s not just straight missionary work. It’s temple work. It’s being a friend. It’s teaching your children. It’s reaching out to less active members. It’s reaching out to active members. Home teaching. Visiting teaching. All of it. No one is too busy or important to not fulfill these expectations!


Then yesterday we had a Stake Conference Broadcast with Elder Russell M. Nelson, Sister McConkie, Elder Kopischke, and Elder Gay. I’m telling you it was GenConf all over again. I loved hearing Elder Nelson speak. He said, “A large church and a large man have something in common: they both need a strong heart. [If Elder Uchtdorf can talk about airplanes, I can talk about hearts…hahaha]” But he talked about how all the fibers and muscles need to work together. Members need to work with missionaries need to work with investigators need to work with everyone…and that’s how we’ll find have success! It was such a cool experience to hear that broadcast.


Anyways, it was a great week. Miracles happened, we were happy, and we’re ready to keep working hard.

Love you all!

Hermana Lewis.



PS: I got to see Hermana Larsen up at the conference. It was such a relief to see her again! and….Hermana Newbill is back in my zone! I missed her so much!!! It’s such a blessing to be able to hug the life out of my sweet companions…you never realize quite what you have til it’s gone. I love them a lot.



President and Sister Cusick... they are amazing!

President and Sister Cusick… they are amazing!

A senior mission couple took us to lunch! So fun!

A senior mission couple took us to lunch! So fun!



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