My Spanish iPad!

February 24, 2014


Hola mi gente bonita!!


Cambié el idioma de mi iPad a español y es la mejor cosa que me pasó

desde chile picante. Estoy volviendo Mexicana.


But seriously. Spanish iPad = way more fun.

And I think the iPads make us more productive. Maybe it’s the little circles that fill up as you get closer to your goals, or the exclamation point when you “miss” a lesson, or the numbers turning from red to green when you reach them….but whatever it was, we had a record week and reached almost all our goals. And that’s always fun.


I feel like the theme lately in our missionary work is that everywhere we go, no matter what we do, we’re guided. Things like running into a guy we haven’t seen in a month on the bus, just because a craving for Dunkin Donuts made us miss the first bus. Like seeing a lady we met at a bus stop weeks ago out of the blue on the other side of town picking up her daughter from school. Like money arriving in the mail when I had $3 to my name. (A true miracle, considering how often we receive mail that’s been sliced open already.) Things like finally being able to teach a solid lesson not only to Eva, but to her husband, who is almost never home. Things like finding people who have been truly prepared to receive the gospel, right here right now, when earlier ust wasn’t quite their time. It’s been a week of miracles, to say the least.


Our theory is that it’s because we don’t eat dinner. Well like we eat, don’t worry about that. But we’ve stopped taking that hour for ourselves. We don’t go home. I’m not entirely sure when it started. But something switched in our minds…instead of looking forward to that hour of peace and self-reflection, instead of using it to write letters or do things for ourselves, we stay out. We’d rather clean Eva’s house and teach her. Rather spend a little longer on the bus talking to people. Rather go to a fiesta. Rather be out with the people. Our motto is: we can eat alone when we go home. For now, we have limited time with these incredible people. And that one hour makes all the difference. The funny thing is that somehow we never go hungry. We almost always get fed something. Minus a night to two that we’ve had to stop by Mickey D’s on the way home. But it’s so worth it to get to spend more time with them. It’s weird to be thinking this way, because until lately, I lived for that lunch and dinner hour. It kept me sane. Let me breathe. But I get all the time to myself that I

want in 6 months. For now, I want to give everything to what I’m doing. And I’m grateful for a companion that feels the same. Together we help each other make sacrifices and work hard. Transfer calls are this Saturday. There might be tears.


And we won’t even be alone for it. This week we found out that we’ll

be doing a 3-day exchange/training in Tampa Metro. Thursday-Saturday.

That’s like an eternity away from our people. The perk? Hermana Larsen

will be one of our trainer/leaders. It’ll be like a missionary…vacation…learning…sleepover….yeah. We’re más omenos stoked!


In other news, ROSIE HAD HER BABY!! Gledin (Jr.) Ethsael Sanchez, born February 20th. We went to see them last night and he is perfection. A

little angel sent straight from heaven. I’ve never resented the rule that we can’t hold children so much. But I held strong. I could have just stared at him all night though. He is so teeny. His fingernails…it’s always the fingernails that get me. The spirit with newborns is so overwhelmingly peaceful. Yamileth and José were also there with their gorgeous 4-month-old girl, Libni. And so we took that little children were just with our Father in Heaven, the love He has for us as his own children, and how this life is about learning to walk. Of course we’re going to fall, but just as we would never be upset with a toddler stumbling while taking his first steps, our perfect Father in Heaven isn’t upset with us. Instead, He helps us back up and encourages us to keep trying, keep learning, keep moving forward. These cute young families just had so much happiness in their eyes as they talked about the hopes they have for their own children. That they’ll be strong in The Lord, that they’ll serve a mission, that God will take care of them, that they’ll find happiness. It was absolutely, tear-jerkingly adorable.


It’s hard to believe I’ve already spent 4 months in Naples. I feel like I just arrived yesterday, bags clumsily packed, still confused about what had just happened in that beast of a transfer meeting. And now I just want to stay…for the rest of my mission. I can’t imagine leaving this place.


But whatever happens is Heavenly Father’s will. I can’t wait to see what this upcoming transfer brings. Til then, I’m enjoying every second.


Love you all!


Hermana Lewis


Eating a passionfruit!

Eating a passionfruit!





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