The Metro Experience

March 3, 2014


Hello family!!


I put off writing this letter cause this week has been crazy and I’m

currently 4 days behind in my journal. Hah. Oops.

But metro threw me off.

Seriously I feel like that’s all that happened this week was that

exchange. But it was a blast. It was exactly as a predicted: a

missionary vacation training sleepover party learning experience.


Yep. That.


And it went kind of like this…….

Meet with the other 4 hermanas. Drive to Tampa. 5 minute prep at Hermana Birch and Larsen’s apartment. They hand us each a stack of

about a hundred cards and some walking directions to

downtown. And we were on our way.


It was such a funny experience just walking downtown and trying to talk to literally every single person we saw in the street. Even if it was just a “hey check out this website! It’ll change your life!” And handing them a card as they walked right past us. Sometimes we ran into the same people more than once. We ran into these two ladies 3 times throughout the day and the third time they said, “wow you ladies have been all over the city today!” Yes. Yes we have. Because we have an urgent message. Now please go check out that website and see why. We walked in circles and circles handing out cards on cards on cards. Our goal was to get a card in the hand of every single person we passed. Even the bikers. Even the business men. Even the intimidating group of sorority girls heading right towards us and looking at us like we’re aliens. Haha….I have Hermana Judd to thank for helping me with that one. We ran into each other and spied on each other and took stalker pictures of real life missionary work. And though every inch of our bodies was sore from walking around all day, even though we had blisters on our feet, even though we experienced all kinds of rejection, we enjoyed every second of it. Tampa is a sweet city. And we passed out over 200 cards in a day and a half. Just

between me and Hermana Fin.It was amazing to be surrounded by so many people because I really felt the urgency of the work. The Lord is hastening his work and the time is now. We walked by thousands of people. Guess how many members I ran into: 1.

So many millions of people don’t know what we know, don’t have what we have, are searching for peace and happiness and guess what. We’re here to help them find it. This is the time when the work can’t fail. It won’t. Heavenly Father won’t let it. I have major respect for those metro missionaries. After a day and a half, I was beyond exhausted. But I’m so grateful I got that opportunity to be up there for a little bit and catch the vision of President Cusick. And the prophet and apostles. This week was a great one. And we’re stoked because…………… and Hermana Fin have another transfer here!!!!!!! YES. so so so so happy. We’re gonna kill it down here in the dirty south.


Love you all!


Hermana Lewis.



The METRO missionaries in Tampa, Florida!

The METRO missionaries in Tampa, Florida!




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