I Love Exercise Analogies!

March 10, 2014

Hola familia!

Ok so news for the week: Me and Hermana Fin were so happy when we found out we were staying together here on Saturday. But we felt so strongly the next couple days that something was off. It’s been too comfortable for too long. We felt like a change was coming, but it was after the transfer call so we were a little freaked out. Then Wednesday morning we get this text with instructions for MLC. Um. What.Are we sister training leaders now?! Apparently nobody thought to inform us when they announced it on Tuesday at transfer mtg. Haha. So that’s the change for this transfer. It’s cool how the Spirit works huh?

I hit my one year mark on Thursday. I celebrated it by weekly planning and watching a thunderstorm. But we really celebrated on Wednesday because it was right between Hermana’s one year in Florida and my one year as a missionary. With Pollo Tropical and way too many sweets. Speaking of sweets, we decided to give them up. For 40ish days. ‘Til Easter. Aka Lent. Yep, we’re celebrating Lent this year. Because we decided you don’t need to be Catholic to sacrifice something. We’re giving up sugar. And we’re super excited for it. We’ll see how long that excitement lasts…

MLC on Friday was awesome. The changes president has made to the mission…are incredible. He truly has turned the mission around, raised our sights, helped us achieve things that were totally out of the question a year ago. And it’s been fast. He talked about those changes he’s made: no tracting, no naps, no music, no furniture (besides beds, chairs, and tables), park the car once a week, spend one meal out of the house, no “graveyards” in apartments, no member dinners…

But he talked about how were asked to change, and we are expected to change. We have changed and we will keep changing. But that’s how life is. Just when we think we get to rest, life picks back up again and the treadmill goes a little faster. But we can’t get stronger if there’s no resistance. So we have to keep adding weight, running a little faster, adjusting and changing and when it becomes easy and comfortable, we up our resistance.

I love exercise analogies.

On Saturday we got a bunch of missionaries together and ran…okay walked…the Susan G. Komen 5k breast cancer walk. We wore lime green Mormon.org shirts and the elders wore their shirt and tie with running shorts. We were quite a sight. And in just a couple hours we collectively passed out over 300 Mormon.org cards! It was way too fun. [this isn’t missionary work, it’s missionary fun!]

Ummm. That’s about it for this week.

This transfer is going to fly, I can feel it already. But we’re ready to take it on!

Love you all!!


Hermana Lewis



We love serving in Florida!

We love serving in Florida!


The Susan G. Korman 5K Breast Cancer Walk.... not missionary work, it's missionary fun!

The Susan G. Korman 5K Breast Cancer Walk…. not missionary work, it’s missionary fun!

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