Errand of Angels

March 31, 2014


This week me and Hermana Fin celebrated our 5 month anniversary. Sonia and Alberto took us to a Chinese buffet and we tried frog legs to celebrate. But, that got too freaky so I went back to sushi.

We also celebrated it by attending the first ever General Women’s Meeting of the church. Now that was a sisterhood at its finest. We walked in during that first song and the power and unity in the voices of those young girls, mothers, grandmothers, sisters…..brought not only me, but Hermana Finlayson AND Sonia to tears. Which we were busy wiping away that entire meeting. I felt so connected to my own mother and sisters back at home. It was tender to know that I was watching the same broadcast at the exact same time. And there were moments when I could literally feel my mom thinking about me. I felt so much strength from my sisters everywhere. We have such a special role in this world. The errand of angels is given to women.

I also got to do an exchange with my cute trainee, Hermana Newbill! It was the biggest tender mercy to serve with her and see the work that she and Hermana Nelson have done in their area. She has grown so much and really, so have I. It was so fun to teach together and laugh about old memories in Tampa…the hardest 10 weeks of our missions…and to catch up on everything that has happened since then. If nothing else, the mission sure has given me a lot of new solid friends.

We’ve been so blessed in this area. We were thinking about it yesterday how we literally had to build it up from ground zero. It’s not typical that you get to see your work all the way through in her missionary world. But we have been able to stay here for 5 months..together..and see this complete 180 that Naples has made. And now, we’re teaching 14 people who are right on the edge of a baptismal date. 14 people who we have built relationships with and who are ready to come back into the fold of Christ. We have been through every phase of work together. Biking across the world, baptisms, bus riding, STLs, not to mention the complete change in focus of our area. This 5 months has brought so many trials and joys and sore muscles and miracles.

Now time seems to be going to fast we can’t keep up. We’re just trying to work as hard as we can and squeeze as much as we can in that little constantly moving orange line in our area book app.

General conference is this weekend. I can’t wait. Pretty sure the other one was just a couple weeks ago but you won’t hear me complaining. Bring on the inspiration.

Another busy week ahead!
Love you!
Hermana Lewis.


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