April 14, 2014

Where did this transfer go?

Any missionary will tell you. Each transfer gets better. And every transfer goes by faster. Pretty sure I just blinked and 6 weeks went by. See ya.

Oh and by the way. ME AND HERMANA FIN ARE STAYING IN NAPLES. We both want to die here in Naples. [Die=end our missions] because it’s just that awesome here. And it’s totally possible too. We’ve got it all worked out. It’s gonna happen. We’re praying for it.
We just feel so strongly that there are people here that we are supposed to see all the way to baptism. People we promised way before this life that we’d come and find them. People we just have a connection with and we know that we were supposed to help them together.

You should have seen our reaction when we found out. Hermana Fin really felt like she was leaving. I accepted it til that night at Eva’s right before the call. “She can’t leave.” I thought so strongly. Well fast forward to 9:15 that night. We’re now living with Hermanas Killpack and Despain too. We find out transfers via conference call these days so the 4 of us crowded around our little dinosaur phone and they called out the Fort Myers zone first. It’s a good thing that phone was on mute because when we heard “Hermanas Lewis and Finlayson…you’ll be staying.” We might have screamed and jumped up and hugged and freaked out. Just a little. Maybe. We didn’t hear the next few announcements because we might have happy danced for a sec.
It’s fine.

We are working hard hard hard for our Noche Blanca. We got the ward council all excited about it yesterday. We have 11 dates set between us and the other sisters. Now we just need your prayers so that all these incredible people can make it all the way to the waters of baptism on May 15th. We will be doing our best to be exactly obedient in every way possible. Time to pull down some heavenly miracles.

Anyways. Things are pretty exciting in the online missionary world because guess what. THE CHURCH BOUGHT OUT THE YOUTUBE HOMEPAGE ADSPACE FOR A WEEK. Everyone get on this bandwagon. It’s so cool. The church is promoting a video for Easter through the hashtag #BecauseofHim. The video is so incredible. I just about cry every time I see it. It’s that powerful. And so I’m challenging you all to share what is possible in your own lives #BecauseofHim on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, whatever. Get it out there. Share your faith. It’s so easy and so fun. And this is the message the world needs right now.

What are you waiting for?

Easter.Mormon.org <—click it. Share it. Ready go.

Love you all!
Hermana Lewis

foto 1-15 - Version 2


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