Golden Oldies!

April 28, 2014


This week has been a little crazy. And I’m sure this coming week will be crazier. We get to wear jeans twice. More to come on that next week.


The theme this week was old investigators. So when we entered all the information onto the new iPad area books, we had a cutoff of about 6 months back, so there were some people who we knew that didn’t make it into the book. But this week we went back and saw 4 of them. We weren’t even trying. But Heavenly Father just kept putting these people, not just in our path, but literally right in front of our face.


One is Wadeth. One of our less-active members is renting a room in her house. It’s amazing to see the change in her. Before, she knew she wasn’t giving enough time to God and felt like she needed to go to church. Then she peaced out to California for a few months and just came back for a couple weeks. We happened to catch her. And she is sooooo interested in learning more! She came to an activity on Thursday and even cooked us food 🙂 We gave her the Book of Mormon the other day and she grabbed it out of my hands and hugged it to her chest “now I’ll have something to read on the plane! I have a bible but it’s in English and I just can’t read it. But this is in Spanish and it’s just perfect!” The only problem is…..she leaves back to California tomorrow for a month. She is incredible though.


Then we finally got ahold of Bryan, the son of an old investigator we’ve been trying to contact for awhile. His ex-step-dad is a member (I know it’s a stretch) and they used to go to our church! He reminds me of Noe. Only a little younger. He prayed specifically that Heavenly Father would protect him from temptation around him. What 14-year-old prays for that? That whole family is so sweet. I can’t wait to teach them all.


And Reina and Alfonso. We met Alfonso my very first week in Naples….6 months ago. We saw them outside when one of our members wasn’t home so we went and talked with them. They invited us right in and were eager for us to teach them. Last night we taught them the first lesson and it was amazing. Reina was taught years ago by a missionary named Hermana Lopez and she could not stop Now I know how to pray and how to read the bible. I will never forget her.” And now, her husband is joining the bandwagon. They are such a blessing.


Even if they don’t all get baptized this time around, we were led to them for a reason. I’m so sure of that. They need to at least be in the area book! And the difference we’ve seen is unbelievable. We were the missing link. If we hadn’t been here for so long, they might have gotten lost along the way. But Heavenly Father really does guide us to His prepared people. It also gave me so much comfort to know that the people I’m working with now….maybe it’s not their time. But that doesn’t mean there’s no hope. Who knows what could happen 6 months or 6 years down the road?


We can never predict who is ready. We just have to invite everyone. Talk to everyone. Love everyone. And Heavenly Father will do the preparing. His work will be carried out. Despite the fact that He works through us, the very weak and very simple.


I love being a missionary!!!



Hermana Lewis




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