May 5, 2014


Ahhhh this week. 


Okay so last Monday was “Zone Unity Day”…..basically we got permission to wear jeans (what?!?! I know we freaked out too.) and play. Like all day. I might have got my hands on a volleyball. And I might have loved it. And me and Hermana Newbill and Hermana Finlayson might all be tearing it up in BYU intermurals when we get home. It was hilarious. We played ninja attack and ultimate frisbee and every classic EFY game you can think of. and then ate pizza. And played some more. 


Friday we got to wear jeans again!! Yay jeans. Except not cause I quickly realized skirts are more comfy and I might be one of those return missionaries who just wears skirts all the time. [Who’s on my “normalize Hermana Lewis” team?]


We got rained out at the beach for MLC but that was okay because we had one of the best most productive MLCs I have ever seen. President talked to us a lot about faith. He told us that faith is what the mission needs right now. That we need to really believe in what we’re doing and who has called us here to do it. We have power beyond what we can imagine and Heavenly Father is right there willing to help us if we only have faith in Him. “We see miracles all the time in the Book of Mormon. There is no reason why those miracles can’t happen right now,” He insisted, “if Christ were here right now, this is the message He would tell you. That you need more faith.” That really had me thinking all weekend. I think as missionaries we see disappointment so often that it’s hard to maintain that childlike faith that the brother of Jared had. But that’s what The Lord requires of us. That we be a little creative, stretch ourselves a little, go get some “rocks” and bring our plan to Him. He is so willing to help us. So willing to give us what we want. But first, we have to show Him that we believe in Him.


[I thought of you Garrett. I’m praying for you. I know this is a hard trial that you’re going through. But just have faith that it will be for your good. Whatever happens. There are no accidents, that’s something I have learned so strongly on the mission. Just keep doing the right thing and Heavenly Father will guide you in the right way. I love you!]


Sunday was the temple dedication. Holy heavens that was incredible. President Uchtdorf is so cool. And walking into the chapel, it was evident that it was transformed into an extension of the temple. We were all a little frustrated at first because the people around us were not treating it as such. But after the dedication we stayed in the chapel a little longer. [if it isn’t obvious, we miss the temple] we sat in that room and listened to Motab and watched the slideshow of the different rooms in the temple. Just the 4 of us. And the feeling was identical to that which I felt in the celestial room of the Fort Lauderdale temple a couple weeks back. Such a calm tranquility. None of us wanted to leave. One of the stake high councilmen came over to us with tears in his eyes, grabbed our hands and said, “sisters. We are in the house of The Lord. I just want to thank you for the work you’re doing for my brothers and sisters who haven’t found the gospel yet. I am a Lamanite. And I hope that after this life we will be together and be friends and rejoice.” Well even Hermana Despain was crying after that. 


I think what I love most about the temple is that it reminds us all of the eternal perspective. Reminds us that even the largest of trials are only a small moment. We’re only here for a short time. But the reward that awaits us is so much greater than we can imagine. 


Please don’t ever take the temple for granted. Go as often as you can. 

I love you all so much and I know we will be rejoicing together after this life!!



Hermana Lewis 





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