You Little Mexican!

June 2, 2014


You all are going to be so confused when I come home. I’ve officially turned into a Mexican. Let me explain. As we unloaded our groceries this morning (cause new money yay!) Hermana Fin looks over at me and says in the sassiest voice, “You little Mexican!!” I look up confused. “What? Why?”

And then I looked at the flan, arepas, avocado, onion and jalepeños I just put in the fridge and looked back at the beans and rice still on the counter.


We’ll just chalk it up to loving the culture. Yep. I love it a lot. 


Hurricane season is officially back! Welcome Florida summer number 2!!! Weather forecast? Ridiculous humid heat and sunshine in the morning, power-washer-style thunderstorm in the afternoon, and back to wet sticky heat at night. Yum. I have this little area on the back of my head that never gets dry because I’m either sweating or it’s raining or I just took a shower. FLORIDA IS FUN. 


This week we realized we were in a huge rut. We continue to visit the people that aren’t progressing, because we just love them. But, mostly because we were fearful. We took a huge dive of faith and dropped half our investigators. This is the second time in like 2 weeks we’ve done that and it’s never fun. We suddenly end up with all this free time and no clue what to do with it. Except finding. 


But, we definitely saw some miracles. Especially in working with the members. Me and Hermana Fin were talking about how hard it is to just drop everyone and how it’s going to take a lot of faith and hard work to find those who are waiting for us as we pulled up to a members house. She asked us to come over a long time ago and now that we have open area within the ward we can do that. So we walked in, all prepared to teach her the first lesson and ask for referrals. Her nonmember husband (who I tried to talk to at church a few weeks ago….and who resisted strongly) turned off ESPN, sat down on the church and said,

“I’ve come to church for a couple weeks now. I come because I like it. I want to become a member. What do I have to do to take that step?”


I wish someone could have captured me and Hermana’s faces on camera. I’m positive our faces were priceless. Jaws dropped, eyes wide, trying not to grin hugely. 


“We can make that happen!” We replied. Trying not to squeal.

Jose now has a baptismal date set for June 19th. It’s soon. Pray for him. 


We also were able to teach another part member family who we have been trying to teach for….basically the entire 7 months I’ve been here. And we set 3 baptismal dates. 

Miracles on miracles on miracles. They are real. 


We have been realizing a lot lately that the adversary works on us because he tries to make us feel discouraged about our weaknesses and shortcomings. He makes us feel like because we struggle in certain aspects of the work, we are sinning. When that is SO not the case. Weakness and rebellion are very different things. Weaknesses are from The Lord so that we can stay humble and eventually turn those weaknesses into strengths as we rely on Him. Rebellion, however, is outright and purposeful disobedience against the commandments.


Sister missionaries are so hard on themselves…and it’s a widespread problem. But I’m trying to overcome this. To view myself as The Lord views me. He doesn’t condemn or get angry or taunt us when we are trying our best and fall short. That is the adversary. Our Heavenly Father speaks to us in loving tones. He knows our hearts and he knows our true potential. He is proud when we succeed and He encourages us to get up and try again when we fail. His love is unchanging and he is always forgiving. There’s no reason why we shouldn’t treat ourselves the same way. 


I love you all so much!! Enjoy your beautiful summers and vacations…..I’ll just try to stay dry. And happy. Because missionaries are always happy. 



Hermana Lewis. 





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