June 16, 2014




I mean every week in the mish is pretty fantastic but this week was exceptional. <— Elder Clark insisted we start using this word. He also insisted that President and Sister Cusick kiss at every zone conference and we rate their kiss. He’s a funny guy, that Elder Clark.


Anyways. We have seen so many amazing blessings for deciding to do everything we could to work with the ward and drop our investigators that weren’t progressing. We didn’t realize how number-driven we had become until we threw numbers out the window a few weeks ago. We started focusing on teaching people. Finding out their specific needs and teaching them accordingly. Going back to the basics. This week we saw more success than we ever had!! I don’t like to ever report numbers in these letters because missionary work is so different in every part of the world. But, I will say that we got more member present lessons than I have ever gotten in my entire mission. And not by one or two….we doubled my record. It was pretty exceptional. But it wasn’t exceptional because of the number. It was exceptional because we could see these people progressing and keeping commitments and coming closer to Christ so much better than they were a few weeks ago.


Not only that, but our teaching pool has completely changed. We took a huge dive of faith and have dropped basically everyone we were teaching. Because, although we love them with everything we have in us, they weren’t going anywhere. And we weren’t taking care of everyone in our area, just the ones we knew and felt comfortable with. So we had some hard lessons again this week. Some heart-wrenching, “this-is-your-chance” lessons that left me feeling sick to my stomach. But it had to happen.

Because we had other people waiting for us.


One of them is Jorge.

He is the cousin of a member in the Naples ward and fresh from Cuba. Doesn’t speak a lick of English. Hermana Fernandez explained that one of the rules for family staying in their house is that they come to church and take the missionary discussions. So we are teaching him. But, I’ve never seen someone so excited to learn what we teach. Last lesson, we gave him the Book of Mormon. He eagerly grabbed a pen and asked me if I would write a note in it for him. I felt like a superstar. I love teaching him, especially because we teach in the Fernandez home and the Spirit is there so it just feels like home to me. I’ve never appreciated how peaceful our house is til coming on the mission. Our house has the Spirit. It’s a real thing. I’m so grateful for it. Anyways Jorge is working toward baptism. Pray for him.

Gavin, Carmen’s grandson, is also progressing so well. I think my favorite comment from him this week was when we were trying to explain the Holy Ghost–happy, peaceful feelings. He paused and thought for a second… “So I meet the Holy Ghost every time I walk into GameStop or Toys R Us??” He’s a little bit too smart for his own good. But we love him.


Adonis, Rosie and Gledin’s cousin, is also praying about a date right now. He is so ready but doesn’t realize it. Pray for him too. And Jose.


We met some less actives this week too. One of them being Alberto Pajaro’s sister!! We are excited to work with them. Because to me teaching less actives is just as good as baptisms. Sometimes better.


I swear it doesn’t get any better than this work I’m doing right here right now. I’m trying to ignore the fact that I only have X number of weeks left. I can’t even bring myself to type it. Asdokwdjsjdhf. <—that’s how I feel.


But we are looking forward to another exceptional week here.

Have an exceptional one yourselves.

Love you exceptionally. [Now I’m just making words up.]

Hermana Lewis.





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