The Hardest Week of My Life!

July 7, 2014


This week. Has been. The longest. Week. Of. My. Life.


Every day. Every hour. Has been filled with so much emotion. So many roller coasters.


I’m so grateful for my cute little trio. It’s been the best trio I’ve ever been in. I know it was inspired that we were put together when we were. In this week we have relied on each other more than ever. When Hermana Despain joined our companionship a week ago I felt like the monkey in the middle. It’s hard for a companion to go home and it’s hard to go home yourself….so I spent my time between the two of them making sure they were both stable and that everything was running smoothly. It’s been the biggest blessing that we get along so well, especially with everything we’ve been going through.


But then, on the 4th of July, I fell too.


I’m sure you’ve all heard by now. But for my missionary friends who haven’t heard….my little sister Makenzie got in a serious accident this week. She’s currently hospitalized and in a coma. I got home that night and saw 4 missed calls on the phone. From my dad’s number. No missionary wants to receive calls from home or from the mission president. Because it’s never good news. Ever. I called back, absolutely terrified.


We’d had a pretty weird day, as are all holidays in the missionary world. A parade, Mexican food, running into 3 members at Starbucks, a real American BBQ, and some 3D fireworks. I think Heavenly Father kept me distracted and happy for a reason. At the end of that call I was on my knees on the floor, my two companions beside me, all of us an absolute mess. “You need a blessing.” Hermana Fin insisted. Luckily there’s 8 companionships that live in our complex. 5 minutes later I had 3 worthy and willing priesthood holders at my door.


Saturday was a roller coaster of emotions and trying to keep my mind focused on the work. Lots of goodbyes for Hermana Fin. Luckily we were pretty busy. And I have two lifesaver companions. Sometimes it’s just hard being so far removed from what’s going on.


Sunday was the icing on the cake. Transfer calls… Well. An email this time. At 8:30 in the morning…..and our church starts at 9. We weren’t expecting a whole lot, we thought me and Hermana Despain would get new comps or at we would just take over both areas together.  I was practicing piano and thinking of Kenz, trying to hold it together. We opened the email and saw:


Bahia A: Despain–transferred

Bahia B: Finlayson–home. Lewis–transferred


And we all broke down sobbing. All 3 of us. We told bishop and he was just as confused as we were. He had us all bear our testimonies to start the testimony meeting. That sacrament meeting was one of the most spirit-filled meetings I have ever attended. I shared what’s happening back home and my testimony of eternal families and we all talked about missionary work. Then every testimony after that was so packed with power. There was not a dry eye in the room. I felt like Alma and Amulek with Hermana Fin. I had no clue how highly this ward thought of us. How much they loved and appreciated us. And how on fire they were about missionary work. After the meeting half the ward came up and just hugged us. It was hard to see the look in Hermana Cortes and Sonia and Carmen’s eyes. They gave me “mamma hugs”….those are different from normal hugs and I was in definite need. Hug after hug, tears flowing, they looked me in the eyes and said…


Thank you for your service……I’m praying for your sister…..we love you…..we’re going to miss you……it’s going to be okay……there’s hope…….you sisters work so hard…..thank you….


I got another blessing as well.

It was exactly what I needed.

And Kenzie, Bahia ward is praying for you. Really hard.


I dropped off Sister Fin this morning. It still hasn’t hit me. I feel like I’m just going on a long exchange  My other half is gone…officially. But it’ll be okay. 6 more weeks right? Just a really really really long exchange.


Despite the difficulty, I’m so grateful for the trials I’ve experienced this week. I’ve grown so close to my savior. And even though I can’t be close to my family physically, I feel close to you all. I am so grateful my family is eternal. That no matter what happens I can have the faith that it will be for my good. For our good.


I’ve felt the strengthening power of the atonement in my life so prominently. I can’t express a tenth of the gratitude I feel for the love and support I have felt.

I know it will all be okay.


I love you all. Keep the faith.


Hermana Lewis



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