Another Week

Monday, September 9, 2013

Hello dearest familia.

I’m so lost for words to say right now. I got nothing.

…………….but I’ll try. This week was weird. And not our best. It seems like we’ve been here forever but I have to keep reminding myself. It’s only been 3 weeks. The area will turn around. It just needs some time. And some obedient missionaries.

I learned this week that I’ll never have a dog. I’ve been scarred for life. We had this lesson with Hector and Candida [an older couple who is super sweet and soooo funny] and they were dog sitting for their daughter. I kid you not…this dog was el diablo in the flesh. As soon as we got to the door this little dog comes to greet us. Tiny white pekanise [spelling?] thing. And she starts barking. And barking. And barking. They let us in the house. She keeps barking. And barking. And barking. None of the 4 of us could get a word in edgewise. And then we find out….this dog’s name is Princess. I wish I was kidding. This dog barked for a solid 30 minutes as we tried to have a conversation with Hector and Candida. She started to breathe really raspy in between barks like she was about to lose her voice or possibly die of barking [not that I was hoping for that…..] but that wouldn’t stop her. She kept barking. And barking. And barking. “She does this to everyone,” Candida explained, “just not the family cause she’s used to us. But all the guests that come in the house she barks at.” Hector grabbed the dog and commanded, “Callete la boca!!” But Princess was persistent. She continued to bark and bark and bark and bark until he took her into the back room. Where she barked for another hour. But it was a lot softer so we were able to at least express ourselves. We walked out of that lesson and I had a headache. No dogs for this girl. nope. end of story.

On the bright side, Hector is totally on board with the whole LDS doctrine, he just wants more time to find out for himself and to get Candida on board. She’s really hesitant because her whole family is Catholic. It’s understandable. It seems like everyone here is Catholic. But it’s more of a “traditions of their fathers” thing than a truly converted to the Lord thing for most of them. It’s hard. But the Alma and Amulek and the Sons of Mosiah did it, so we can too!

We also got in contact [finally] with a less-active. Who basically told us that after lots of research and looking into the history of the church and the apocrypha and all sorts of good stuff, he thinks he’s ready to give the church another shot. Which is AWESOME because we’ve been working with his wife, Sarah, because she’s had no religious background and helping her to improve her relationship with Christ and learn the basics. SO we met with her again Friday and asked if we could meet with the two of them as a family. And she’s so on board! This family is so awesome. I can’t wait to see them take these steps together.

It’s funny how often I feel like one of those annoying salespeople out here. Like for heavens sakes I don’t want your money I just want to help you be happy!! But if I’ve learned anything [in my vast 6 months of knowledge] it’s that I’m not going to drag anyone to the gospel. It won’t work. The Lord requires true conversion, and that can only come through voluntary effort, not obligation. So we’ll keep searching out those people who are looking. Who are willing. Who the Lord has prepared. We know it won’t come easy. But they’re out there.

I passed my official 6-month mark this week. And we were on exchanges. So me and Sister Davis celebrated with Chipotle burritos and some Krispy Kremes. [calories don’t count on holidays or birthdays…including mission birthdays.] It was a blast. The sisters out here are so great. After a rather discouraging weekend, we walked out of our door to find it plastered with motivational thoughts of love from our dear Sister Training Leaders, Sisters Kenagy and Davis. They are amazing.

Heavenly Father is sending support from all sides. He’s always there to lift us up and help us bear our burdens. But He usually works through other people. It’s amazing to be a recipient of Heavenly Father’s angelic actions, but it’s even better to be the angel He sends. And that’s the opportunity I have right now. To be a representative of Jesus Christ and remind people that He is there for us always. That He love us each individually and unconditionally. That He is waiting for us with open arms to come back to Him. We’re just the messengers. The “inviters”. But it’s not just missionaries that can invite. Be bold enough to make that invitation to the person that’s on your mind. Any invitation made out of love will not be taken as offensive. Don’t wait for an assignment to do it. Take those 20 seconds of insane courage and invite invite invite! Even if the answer is “no”, you’ll be so happy you did.

The church is true.

Love you all,

Hermana Lewis


Motivational thoughts plastered on our door by our sweet and wonderful sister training leaders!

Motivational thoughts plastered on our door by our sweet and wonderful sister training leaders!

I LOVE Florida skies!

I LOVE Florida skies!