Why Lesson 1 is My Favorite!

December 9, 2013

Hump week miracles. Or something like that.

Seriously these last couple weeks we have absolutely seen the results of our hard work. And the Lord is blessing us so much!

Okay so first of all. Sonia. There’s some people out on a mission that you meet and you just think. I was supposed to meet you. And we’re gonna be friends forever. That was Sonia for me. I just loved the heck out of her from our first lesson. Her husband, Alberto, used to be less-active but has recently come back. She’s been consistently working with the missionaries since February. She is amazing. We’ve known she’s been ready for baptism for awhile, and a couple weeks ago we set a date. But she was feeling nervous and unsure so we backed off for awhile. But then we had a lesson last week and we taught the Restoration again.

I have such a testimony of the First Vision and it’s amazing how much my faith is strengthened when I tell it. But it’s even more amazing to see how much people feel it. As Hermana Finlayson was recounting, “Vi una columna de luz…” I could see the Spirit working within Sonia. Her eyes were fixed on the little picture we had. There was silence. “Es bonito, eso historia.” she said with tears forming in her eyes. We testified that it was the Holy Ghost telling her that Joseph Smith really was a prophet and that this is the truth she’s been searching for.

But we decided we would back off about the date. So we had another lesson on Wednesday with her and Alberto. We were about to leave when Alberto said, “Wait…aren’t you going to talk about baptism??” Well….we were trying to not pressure her but….we’ll go with it? “How do you feel about baptism, Sonia?” “Good…” “What date are you feeling?” She kind of shrugged her shoulders, but Alberto jumped in. “I KNOW WHAT DATE! DECEMBER 10TH…HER BIRTHDAY!” Which just happened to be 6 days from that time. But we were too stoked to be worried about that. We’ve got a baptism on our hands!

Sonia and Alberto came with us to the Stake Christmas party, which was a blast by the way. The majority was from the Spanish wards which was really unexpected, but we weren’t complaining! When they played Latin songs the dance floor was flooded with Hispanics. And then they’d play Michael Buble or something and they all peaced out to the chairs til the next Latin song came on. Have I mentioned how much I love these people?? Hahaha. Sonia and Alberto also stayed longer than just Sacrament Meeting yesterday, and Sonia loved Sunday School. She’s solid. We’re so excited!

Then we had another miracle lesson last night. Another part-member family. We got into their house last Sunday night which was such a miracle because he is always working. [Literally like 6am to 1am…and I think my schedule is hard.] But we got in. And found out his girlfriend really wants to learn. So we went back again last night and decided to teach the Restoration. The beginning of the lesson was a little rough, and I was beginning to doubt if we would even have time to teach the whole thing. But we decided to go with it and teach through the distractions. It was perfect because before long they were hooked. Both of them. And this time the First Vision fell on me. I looked straight into her eyes and said with every bit of conviction I had, “Vi una columna de luz…..” I saw her eyes begin to well up with tears as well. My mind was going crazy: Is this really happening? Is she feeling this as strongly as I am right now? The Spirit in the room was so thick. I asked, “Como se siente?” and she struggled for words. She said the same thing as Sonia. “Es bonito, todo.” “Do you believe that this could happen?” She looked at the ground and wiped her eyes. And then looked right back at me. “Si. Lo siento.” Or in other words…YES. I FEEL IT. Manuel looked up and said, “The elders said it before…but not like that.” His mom was sitting on the outskirts of the lesson the whole time, listening. After the lesson, we were talking and laughing where before she was cold toward us. She told us, “I’m a member too. But I’ve been inactive for years.” Missionary Translation: “Come visit me. I want to come back to church.” Awesome. I love seeing the power that the Restoration has. It strengthens my testimony every single time.

Joseph Smith was a prophet. He saw God the Father and Jesus Christ. He translated the Book of Mormon. Through him, Heavenly Father restored his true church with not a single piece missing. We have the whole truth. All of it. We don’t doubt where we came from, why we’re here, where we’re going… we know. 

We have the peace and assurance of knowing who we are and what our purpose is. We have the guidance of the Holy Ghost. We have the complete Gospel of Christ.

And for this knowledge, I am so grateful.

And I’m grateful for the opportunity to share what I know. Hermana Finlayson and I figured out our job isn’t really like other kinds of work. We’re more like full-time friends. Everything we do is out of love for those that surround us. We basically visit people and show them love all day every day. We have the best job in the world. Basically.

We’re staying another 6 weeks here. Me and Hermana Fin. I can’t wait to see the miracles this next transfer has in store for us!

Love you all!

Have fun in the snow!!!


Hermana Lewis


So blessed to live in Florida!

I LOVE our Florida sunsets!

Christmas cookie Bluebell icecream!  Why don't we have this back home?!

Christmas cookie Bluebell icecream! Why don’t we have this back home?!

Hermanas with a self-timer!

This is what happens with 4 Hermanas and a good self-timer!

Hma Perez and Lewis

Hma Perez and Lewis … 9 more months!

IMG_1304 - Version 2

Hermana Lewis, Sonia, and Hermana Finlayson

Hermana Lewis, Sonia, and Hermana Finlayson at our stake Christmas party!